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Project “s(he)” shows gender equality issues through a 360 Virtual Reality (VR) experience. 360 VR technology provides an interactive experience from an actor’s perspective instead of from an observer’s perspective. The audience can get an authentic perception of the ways in which the perpetuation of heteronormative gender stereotypes affects the daily life of women. The film deals with five common scenarios: dating, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, family roles, and female infanticide. In the meantime, we have realized that one of the most important links in the gender equality movement is to get understanding and support from the male group. So we have pushed it further by shooting a completely switched version for male audience. By building the imaginary gender-role-switched world, we intend to cause such reflection: if such unfair treatment seems amusing and ridiculous towards men, then why isn’t it the same case towards women?

Advisor: Sputniko!