A Crowdsourced Manifesto


This crowdsourced manifesto takes anonymous one word responses and inserts them into a brief manifesto unknown to the contributors of the one word responses. The result is a static manifesto with changing words looping through it, which change the meaning of the manifesto making it representative of the aims, ambitions and actions of multiple and disparate voices.

The project takes as a precedent the classic party-game “Mad Libs” in which words are sourced from the crowd to fill-in blanks and create what is often nonsensical and absurd text. In this project, the absurd quality is removed, and that pivot – between crowd response and actual text – is used to distance the crowd members from the public nature of the manifesto and make them more likely to respond.

To achieve this, custom software was created to take the responses and randomize them into the manifesto. This script ran live on (3) computers during the public presentation.

Content Gathering

Directions given to respondents for filling-out Google form – Please respond by filling in only one word, or a maximum two words if one is not enough (eg. neighboring countries), as grammatically correct as possible, in the spaces below. These phrases relate to how you feel right now, in this post-presidential election moment.


The piece is projected on an internal wall of Gund Hall to relate to the internal space, and stepped to mimic the flow of the building. The sound draws on the digital and coded nature of the project and creates an audible crowd of words, which were broadcast into the studio trays and outside. The building becomes a manifesto, a platform for changing meanings, reflecting a diversity of opinions and concerns.


Manifesto Content

  • We declare our ___.
  • We are ___ about our future.
  • We need greater protection for ___, and demand more ___.
  • ___ has to stop now. We are ___.
  • We will ___!

Crowdsourcing Question

  • This post-election moment has left me filled with ______.
  • I feel ______ about my future.
  • ______ are most at risk in society.
  • The world needs greater ______.
  • The worst issue facing the world is ______.
  • When reading the news and discussing politics, I feel ______.
  • The best way to take action is to ______.

Sample Words Gathered

Anxiety, Confusion, Fear, Worry, Unease, Sadness, Concern, Despair, Disconcert, Dread, Uncertainty, Outrage, Commitment, Apathy, Sorrow, Overwhelmed, Disillusioned, Melancholy,   Agitated, Numb, Rebel, Intolerance, Ignorance, Inequality, Division, Isolation, Compassion, Empathy, Minorities, Identities, Doubtful, Conflicted, Depressed, Angst

Link to Google Survey

Link to Responses


Advisor: Krzysztof Wodiczko

Collaborators: Andrew Keating, Rose Sijeeni, Guy Trangoš