As the UX/UI designer at Garena Online 2015-2016, I led the design of AirPay, Shopee, and BeeTalk by creating design solutions from sketched concepts to interactive prototypes. I oversee the development and final deployment of the product, align visuals and user experience with strategic creative and marketing objectives.



The trusted payment solution for all your lifestyle needs - movie tickets, bill payment, cash cards, mobile phone top-ups, game credits and many more.

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A fun, free and trusted e-commerce platform that allows you to buy and sell instantly on your phone.

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WeCare is a platform which allows users to track the health stats of their loved ones and provides them with actionable advice based on their personal health profiles. WeCare allows users to add their loved ones into the application as buddies. Users can monitor their buddies’ stats (obtained from tracking devices)  and send them a “nudge” when they fail to stick to a healthy routine. At the same time, our platform is able to find patterns in the health data. Using these patterns it is able to recommend articles, tips, promotions etc. to the user so that they are able to improve their health and fitness. Finally, to keep users’ motivated, we help them visualize their daily goals as a “city map”. As users’ meet their goals, their city grows and expands, and if they fail to do so, the city deteriorates.




Driver Finder is for managers to quickly check the location and status of their private drivers. Driver’s performance (waiting time, driving miles) throughout the year is quantified.




Built on a rich diversity of culture and heritage, Singapore is race-harmonious nation. I designed these characters for Nanyang Primary School to promote racial harmony among students and teachers.