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Jiabao is a speculative designer, media artist, and engineer. Working at the intersection of emerging technology, art and design, her work opens questions about technology's influence on human perception, identity, and emotion. She holds a Master of Design in Technology degree with Distinction from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Currently, she is a Prototyping Designer at Apple, working on experimental interfaces and technologies.

She is a winner of iF Design Award, 1st place CHI Play Game Design Award, 1st place Future City Contest, Ubicomp/ISWC Design Award, and Harvard GSD Best Thesis Award. Jiabao’s work has been exhibited in Dubai Design Week, TEI Arts, Hacking Arts, AR in Action, etc., and has been covered by TechCrunch, Arts MIT, Harvard ARVR, and Boston Magazine. Her academic research has been published in Domus, InfoVis, TEI, ISWC, CHI Play, Scientific Reports, and Nanotechnology.

Contact: stephlijiabao(at)gmail.com


Harvard University, Graduate School of Design  2016 - 2018

M.Des. Design Technology, with Distinction

MIT Media Lab  2016 - 2018

Royal College of Art  2018

National University of Singapore  2011 - 2015

B.Eng. Electrical & Computer Engineering, Distinction Honors      

RWTH Aachen, Germany  2014  



Apple, Prototyping Designer  2017 - Present

Garena OnlineUX/UI Designer  2015



iF Design Award, Professional Concept Category 2018

Dubai Design Week, Global Grad Show 2018

Ubicomp/ISWC Design Award 2018

Project Prize for Best Thesis, Harvard GSD 2018

Graduate with Distinction (top 3%), Harvard GSD 2018

Game Design First Place Award, CHI Play 2017

First Place, Cities for a Flying World 2017

Keynote Speaker, China VR & AR International Summit 2017

Hacking Art First Runnerup, MIT 2016

Harvard Art Show 2017, 2018

Innovation & Research Award, NUS 2015



Domus Innovation Issue | 2018

ISWC | 2018 | TransVision: Exploring the State of the Visual Field in the Age of Extreme Augmentation

TEI Art | 2018 | Twinkle: A Flying Lighting Companion for Urban Safety

IEEE VIS, TVCG | 2018 | DXR: A Toolkit for Building Immersive Data Visualizations

CHI Play | 2017 | CatEscape: An Asymmetrical Multiplatform Game Connecting Virtual, Augmented and Physical World

CHI Play | 2017 | MagicTorch: A Context-aware Projection System for Asymmetrical VR Games

Platform 10 | 2017 | Twinkle

Platform 11 | 2018 | TransVision

Scientific Reports | 2014 | Laser hybrid nanostructuring of Si surfaces in air for SERS detection

Nanotechnology | 2014 | High aspect ratio SiNW arrays with Ag nanoparticles decoration for SERS detection